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    The Zero Carbon Challenge supports early stage ideas, projects, or businesses that help to lower carbon emissions and are ready to grow!

    Early stage projects

    Get your ideas into action!

    Are you working on a project or startup that is ready to go to the next level? We're here to support people to get their ideas off the ground with a burst of energy and support.

    Growing businesses

    Help your startup grow!

    Do you have a team, business, or opportunity you are already building that could use more support, profile, and funding? We're ready to connect you to mentors and resources to help you grow.

  • Helping reduce carbon emissions in our city

    These 4 areas are the keys to Wellington's zero carbon economy




    Housing & Building

  • 2019 Challenge Teams

    Our 2019 Challenge saw the start of some amazing teams, and their journeys continue on. Read the 2019 Zero Carbon Challenge report here, and find out more about the teams below.

    Froth Tech

    Froth Tech is on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint and raise the quality of beer in NZ by growing fresh yeast varieties in Wellington.


    GrowSpace Wellington is focussed on helping more people grow food in Wellington and supporting a sustainable city food system for the future.


    Reusabowl is a reusable takeaway container system that replaces single-use packaging with an alternative that can be returned, washed, and reused in a circular loop.

    The Tiny Plastic Factory

    The Tiny Plastic Factory has a vision to help recycle Wellington’s plastic waste and create future solutions for responsible and sustainable plastic use.

    Whare Hauora

    Whare Hauora use smart home technology to measure temperature, humidity and electricity data to take care of your family, your home, and our environment.

    Yum Jar

    Yum Jar wants to eliminate packaging waste and carbon emissions from food delivery so consumers can still enjoy the convenience and excitement of takeaways, but without the waste.

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    Find your people

    Meet mentors and experts, and join a community of entrepreneurs and innovators who are all working towards Wellington's zero carbon future.


    Build your skills

    Upskill yourself and your team in a workshop series designed to help you clarify your purpose, tell your story, and mobilise your crowd to fund your idea.

    Crowdfunding & Match Funding

    Matched funding for your crowdfunding!

    Receive a $1000 stipend and engage your crowd with a PledgeMe campaign to access $50k+ of potential match funding from the Zero Carbon Partnership Fund.

  • The Wellington Zero Carbon Partnership Fund

    The Zero Carbon Partnership Fund will match up to the amount raised in each venture's crowdfunding campaign.


    Founding Partner

    Wellington City Council is the founding partner of the Zero Carbon Partnership and the Zero Carbon Challenge. It is their support that makes the whole programme possible. They are committing $45,000 in match funding.


    Supporting Funders

    These organisations are contributing to the Wellington Zero Carbon Partnership Fund.

  • 2019 Challenge Partners

    Funding & core partner

    Delivery partner

    Supporting partner

  • Community Supporters

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