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Crowdfunding Campaigns launched!

Meet three of our teams

The Zero Carbon Challenge teams have been working hard at their crowdfunding campaigns - check out their stories and rewards, and support the next generation of sustainable business in Wellington.

Our teams' campaigns have been live for a week or so now, so we wanted to delve a little deeper into three of their stories with you. We will post again next week about the next three. Read on below, and if you want to see more sustainable, low carbon, and environmentally conscious businesses in Wellington and Aotearoa, get on board!

You can pledge for some fantastic rewards, share the campaigns with anyone you think would be interested, and get in touch if you have contacts or ideas to share with any of the teams. Teams who successfully reach their PledgeMe target are eligible for the ZCC Partnership Fund match funding round, giving them access to even more funds to grow their businesses.

Yum Jar creates and delivers freshly made, healthy lunches from zero waste ingredients to Wellingtonians in reusable glass jars. These are delivered by bicycle couriers NoCar Cargo to the CBD, so most of their deliveries are zero carbon as well as zero waste! The jars are picked up from their customers the next time they receive an order, returned to their kitchen, washed and sterilised for continuous reuse, creating a Zero Waste delivery system and cycle.

Yum Jar need your help to grow their business, move into a new kitchen, and hire a new chef. Growth will help them divert more waste from landfill, and put more hearty, delicious lunches in the bellies of Wellingtonians. Rewards include great deals on lunches, as well as a tattoo voucher!

Check out Yum Jar's Pledgeme campaign here.

As New Zealanders, we know that our damp houses are making us sick. Respiratory illnesses are the third largest cause of death in New Zealand, causing one in ten hospital stays and costing $7 billion a year to the healthcare system.

Whare Hauora has created Manawa: a smart home sensor kit and platform that measures the temperature and humidity of rooms in homes and tells you if your home is making your whānau sick. Whānau can gain insights into their health and wellbeing, via notifications and a dashboard.

Their vision is an Aotearoa where your home doesn't make you sick. But for a lot of families, having both this information and the resources to upgrade their home are near on impossible. Whare Hauora are using this campaign to grow their reach and partner with community organisations, so they can prioritise families with the greatest need. You can be a part of this, either by getting a kit for your own home, or supporting one into the home of someone who needs it.

Check out Whare Hauora's Pledgeme campaign here.

Tiny Plastic Factory aims to reduce harm to the environment from plastic pollution, and lead the New Zealand plastics industry towards a more circular economy. We all know that current plastic recycling systems aren’t working. Tiny Plastic Factory work with businesses to audit their plastic recycling systems, then collect and transport waste plastic back to their local facility by cargo bike. Once at their facility, plastic is processed into uniform-size pellets, and sold to NZ manufacturers in the quantity and timeframe that suits them, for a competitive price.


With your support Tiny Plastic Factory will be able to purchase and operate the machinery they need to recycle plastic in larger quantities - servicing up to ten small-medium Wellington City businesses. Rewards include ‘plastic credits’, recycling bread tags to make wheelchairs, a quiz night, and an exclusive factory tour.


Check out Tiny Plastic Factory's Pledgeme campaign here.

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