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Double your crowdfunding!

Join the Low Carbon Challenge and take your project to the next level

Build a crowd and amplify your impact

Are you working on a project that can make Wellington a carbon smarter city?

Low Carbon Challenge is your chance to level up with funding, mentorship support, connections and partnerships.

  • Apply with your idea, project or business before August 14th (be quick!) on the website here →
  • You’ll be part of a workshop series to dig into your idea, understand your customers, your product or service and sharpen up your marketing.
  • You’ll be part of networking events and public events to build connections across the city, get feedback from mentors and boost your profile.
  • The awesome humans from Pledge Me will be sharing their tips and tricks and support you to build a crowd and launch a crowdfunding campaign.
  • All successful campaigns will have access to the Low Carbon Partnership Fund to dollar for dollar match you. This year  Wellington City Council, BNZ, Powershop, Greater Wellington Regional Council are all ready to match fund whatever you can raise from your crowd.

This is a great way to get give your project or business a boost in momentum with more funding, partnerships and profile!

Join the Low Carbon Challenge, double up your crowdfunding, build your business and be ready to launch into 2018 with more funding and momentum.

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