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From start up to stay up:

Wā Collective

Zero Carbon Challenge alumni Olie Body shares her story

Olie Body is the founder of Wā Collective , a social enterprise 'solving period poverty with heart, humour, and connection.' She shares her experience in the 2017 Challenge, and her advice to teams thinking of applying this year. 

In 2017, we entered the Low Carbon Challenge with not much of a clue of what it could offer us, frankly. We just knew we needed to reach the next point in our business journey. We had a minimum viable product (MVP) business and impact model - one we thought could be pretty bloody good - but were held back by access to capital and a lack of community (you know, the usual!). So, we applied and my gosh am I glad we did. 

Young Pākehā woman with shoulder length dark hair and a blue and white polka dot top presents in front of a blury background slide.

I'd highly recommend anyone applying who is wanting to make a positive impact on the world. ZCC will give you the knowledge, support, and capital you need.  We learned from people in the industry who are on the ground doing it, we learned how to be a better team, and what we needed to do to launch our full business model. Then, through our successful PledgeMe campaign at the end of the challenge, were able to do just that. 

ZCC allowed our after-hours bedroom floor project to become a business with paid employees making a national impact. Moreover, the Zero Carbon Challenge introduced us to our community, our crowd, our whānau.  


If you are thinking of applying, just do it. 

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