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Introducing the 2019 Zero Carbon Challenge Teams

Get to know our 2019 teams!

Wellington’s next wave of low carbon generating businesses have been selected to grow and change the city for the better. We are very pleased to announce our six teams for the Zero Carbon Challenge in 2019.

The successful businesses represent the areas of reusable food packaging, plastic recycling, urban farming, locally made ingredients, and tech solutions for building. They were chosen on their capacity to help reduce carbon emission in the Wellington region, and their feasibility and potential to scale (both in business and impact). They will participate in a series of workshops and networking events to grow their business and prepare them for a crowdfunding round.


Froth Tech is on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint and raise the quality of beer in New Zealand by growing fresh yeast varieties in Wellington.

GrowSpace Wellington is focussed on helping more people grow food in Wellington and supporting a sustainable city food system for the future. The team brings together skills in food growing, permaculture, landscape architecture, environmental and health science, system change and community-building.

Reusabowl is a reusable takeaway container system that replaces single-use packaging with a ‘Reuse-a-bowl’ alternative which can be returned, washed and reused in a circular loop.

The Tiny Plastic Factory has a vision to help recycle Wellington's plastic waste and create future solutions for responsible and sustainable plastic use.

Whare Hauora use smart home technology to measure temperature, humidity, and electricity data to take care of your family, your home, and our environment.

Yum Jar is  a small food business with a big vision - to eliminate packaging waste and carbon emissions from food delivery so consumers can still enjoy the convenience and excitement of takeaways, but without the waste.

We are so excited to welcome the next big things in Wellington ethical business onto the Zero Carbon Challenge journey. These ventures show that a double bottom line, where both profit and planet are considered, is not only possible but is absolutely essential if we are going to cut emissions by half in the next 11 years, then to zero by 2050.


Save the date now for the finale event on 1 August, where the teams will launch their PledgeMe campaigns.

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