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Introducing the Wellington Low Carbon Partnership Fund

A city of collaboration, in action.

For the past 3 years a growing community of organizations and partners in Wellington have been helping innovative low carbon solutions to raise funding, build momentum and grow as part of the Low Carbon Challenge programme.

This year, 4th time along, marks the launch of the Wellington Low Carbon Partnership Fund. This city-wide open fund supports the projects that enter the challenge by providing dollar for dollar match funding to crowdfunding campaigns.

Supported the sectors across the city.

The fund is being led by Wellington City Council and supported by BNZ, Powershop and Greater Wellington Regional Council. Each partner in the fund will directly match fund the teams and campaigns that align with their strategies and the impact they want to make.

Open for any organisation to contribute.

The fund is open, which means any organisation in the city can commit funding and help to support the growing movement of people tackling Climate Change by building Wellington's Low Carbon Future.

Backing crowdfunded projects.

The entire Low Carbon Challenge initiative is primarily backed by Wellington City Council and delivered in partnership by EXP a team from Enspiral network and supported by crowdfunding platform PledgeMe.

By supporting ideas to launch a crowdfunding campaign and also have this matched by a city-wide partnership fund we hope to create a huge amount of public collective action, support and visibility for ideas that directly take action on Climate Change.


Based on the city's longer term low carbon strategy the 4 key areas we can have real impact on Wellington's carbon emissions are housing and building, waste, transport and energy.

Successful projects from past years that continue to thrive include electric car share Mevo, electric cycle hire Switched on Bikes and closed loop waste minimisation business Misprint.

This type of programme, with collaboration from across sectors is another example of Wellington's leadership as an innovative, collaborative city supporting good ideas to grow - as well as creating tangible, practical urban responses to climate change.

Applications are now open for startups, community projects, new ideas and existing businesses that want to support staff to join the innovation challenge by launching something new.

For more information about the Wellington Low Carbon Partnership Fund and to sign up your organisation to contribute contact

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