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ZCC Crowdfunding Campaigns: Meet our next three teams

The Zero Carbon Challenge teams have been working hard at their crowdfunding campaigns - check out their stories and rewards, and support the next generation of sustainable business in Wellington.

Our teams' campaigns have been live for a few weeks now, and after last week's showcase we wanted to delve a little deeper into the stories of the next three teams. Read on below, and if you want to see more sustainable, low carbon, and environmentally conscious businesses in Wellington and Aotearoa, get on board!

You can pledge for some fantastic rewards, share the campaigns with anyone you think would be interested, and get in touch if you have contacts or ideas to share with any of the teams. Teams who successfully reach their PledgeMe target are eligible for the ZCC Partnership Fund match funding round, giving them access to even more funds to grow their businesses.

Avoidable waste is a worldwide issue. 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean every year. Thankfully, this is an issue we can solve. Choosing re-use over single-use, the Reusabowl team have taken it upon themselves to tackle the problem by creating a reusable takeaway container system to combat waste and champion the circular economy.

People want to make better choices for themselves and for the planet, and Reusabowl make it easy with their system. It works as follows:  Purchase a takeaway meal at any participating shop and ask for a Reusabowl. Eat and enjoy, then return the container to a nearby collection point to be cleaned and reused. The containers will be washed so they can re-enter the system and live to see another takeaway. 

Reusabowl is about collaboration and co-design. The team is testing the service and will launch pilot systems in Wellington with selected partners and at The Harbourside Markets to ensure the service is designed with the people, for the people. 

Reusabowl is takeaway for the future. And that future, is circular. 


Check out Reusabowl's Pledgeme campaign here.

GrowSpace Wellington is Josie, Katherine and Caroline. These three Wellington women joined up as a team earlier this year through a common drive to help more people to grow food in Wellington. A love of nature, connecting people and Wellington city, are core to their new venture which has a vision of Wellington’s empty spaces, balconies and gardens filled with veges, herbs, and other edible plants.

The team have their eye on the big changes needed in our food system to make it sustainable at a community and global level. Through their research they have found a real interest in growing more food - at homes, flats, community accommodation and businesses – but also the gaps there are in know-how and the challenges of Wellington’s weather.

Their PledgeMe campaign will support the development of a food garden at Sustainability Trust in the city. The garden will demonstrate not only what sort of edibles can be grown Wellington but also the way in which local materials – like soil, compost, and wood used for the garden bed - come together sustainably. The campaign will also support workshops for a range of audiences and site-specific gardening advice to community housing groups. The team are excited by the vibrant and growing local food growing scene in Wellington and see a role for themselves in helping to connect up people and projects. Get in touch with them if you are one of those!

Check out Growspace's Pledgeme campaign here.

Until now, NZ brewers have had no local yeast options, and have been forced to use yeast imported from far away places. Froth Technologies is here to change that, by launching Aotearoa’s first commercial yeast lab! But they need your help...

12 months ago founders Simon and Ryan recognized a gap in the local beer industry. Having been part of the NZ craft beer scene for nearly a decade, the boys knew first hand the challenges associated with importing yeast from overseas. 

Being a highly perishable product, liquid yeast requires expensive refrigerated air-freight, and is often not at its best by the time it gets here. There can also be timing and customs delays, with some overseas yeast labs no longer sending their product here due to these challenges.

With malt, hops, and water all world-renowned for their high quality, and able to be sourced locally, there was just one piece of the puzzle left to help take NZ’s brewing industry to the next level... NZ made yeast, in CO2 sequestering sugar cane bottles. You can help by Pledging on a number of rewards, including Brewery tours, art prints, and an opportunity for the founders to be doused in yeast..

Check out Froth's Pledgeme campaign here.

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